How to Make Custom Patches

How to Make Custom Patches?

We can apply Custom patches in different colors, fonts and material stuff that application could create on any apparel which are being used to launch the creative identity of Individual or business. In this article, we share such information about what are the Custom Patches, what are its uses, and What are the procedure to make Custom Patches in the most convenient way along some of its types and future benefits.

As we know that businesses use many promotional techniques to promote their product or services, there every effort reflects towards triggering the product in customer’s mind consciously and unconsciously as well.

The application against this determination lead them to marketing their product in most unique, creative and lasting ways. Although, some past marketing tools and techniques still works such as Social media and paper advertisements but that may not work in long-lasting to highlight their businesses in such creative and enchanting manner to let them people remember or recall the brand when they need while comparing other ones. Custom patches are extremely useful and are the ones which sustain the brand identity in customer’s mind and can be used in many ways to promote the business because as per the statistics, 75% of Ratio represents that patches are most recognized business identifiers and 50% are the people most likely to buy from well-known logo companies. There are many types of patches shown in the company’s designed portfolio because each type looks and represent custom design in better and different way due to their strength and weakness. Embroidered patches are most likely used and can’t beat its worth, woven patches are having the fine details which looks the best chosen option, PVC patches are most durable and rubber made in texture it’s durability determines customers to get custom identification. Printed patches are those in which high fine details be indulged due to no involvement of woven thread to stitch.

The brief overview about custom patches has been done and now it’s time to discuss the method to make custom patches, there are various method which are described on social media websites but the best one that is to be useful in making long term and best possible result specially in easiest and time saving manner. This article is being helpful for those whom need easiest and quicker method of making patches. Following are the steps let us making embroidered custom Patches

Step 01,
To Choose design:
According to the need we decide what artwork we are going to use as per the requirement. More innovative design leads towards good result These expertly made embroidery designs allow to insert the own designs or letters into the patchwork to make a single patch on a single-needle machine or multiple patches on a multi-needle machine, these designs allow to easily create custom patches on any material. Once the design, shape, color and material is being selected then there need to moved towards another step.

Step 02
Cost Management:
All different types charge different cost structure in means of its making such as printed ones making must be in low budget in comparison of the embroidered ones are higher as the new and advanced sewing technology has been introduced so there are also many ways to deduct that cost in making customized designs. Cost of making the custom patches must be fused as per the given allocated budget.

Step 03,
In this process the approved designed will change through the process of manufacturing in which stitching or threading starts to convert the dummy design into a patch. Here it’s sample appearance shown to respective customer to get the proofread of spelling, design and it’s look. When the appearance matched with the sample idea shown and approved there will be no option to change anything in patches.

Step 04,
Finishing look:
After getting approval here need to convert the artwork into finished result by giving it more enhancing look and charm. These logos are brand identity that’s why we have to ensure that to make the patch’s material quality, colors and theme up to the mark for business in mind.

The patch design should be unique and reflect the brand identity. It should be simple but eye-catching and memorable and look bold and professional that can help establish a brand and connection with customers.


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